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    Welcome to LifeSaver project!

    Energy efficiency in industrial context is not a new theme, especially in energy intensive sectors of industry. Companies seek to reduce production costs and, in the last decades, the share relative to energy has gained significance. Trying to solve this important part of the problem, companies have been making  a considerable investment replacing obsolete equipment by more energy efficient one.


    On the other hand, from the current state of the global energy system, energy consumption in its various form

    s is always associated with corresponding CO2 emissions. With the entry into force of new European legislation that penalizes carbon emissions, the industry has an additional economic motivation to lean their processes concerning energy consumption in production.

    The LifeSaver project will support the analysis and decision making processes in industry to achieve additional gains by reducing energy consumption and related emissions. Furthermore, the project aims to support the purchase and sale decisions in the emissions market, enabling  to adjust these financial operations to the foreseen production needs of each firm, and consequently minimizing costs.

    This is the time to unleash the energy efficiency potential in your company!