• inknow solutions is on the market

    by  • April 18, 2015 • News from Industry, News from the Research Community

    The new company inknow solutions (http://www.inknow-solutions.eu) is on the market dedicated to develop models and simulators.
    This company is a spin-off company of ten years research work that includes LifeSaver. One of the areas of activity of inknow solutions  is modelling and simulating the impact of human operators on the energy consumption of manufacturing units.

    Rui Neves-Silva


    Developed his PhD in Electrical and Computers Engineering in the Technical University of Lisbon (IST, 2000) in the area of modelling and control of industrial plants. He has been Senior Researcher at UNINOVA since January 2001 and Researcher at INESC-ID Lisboa since September 1991. Is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT/UNL). Experience in 17 National and European projects (including global coordination) in the scientific area of control and decision engineering, has published more than 50 publications in International Scientific Journals (CEP, IEEE CST, IJPC) and peer reviewed International Conferences relevant to the control and decision engineering area.