Instituto de Desenvolvimento de Novas Tecnologias
    FCT Campus
    2829-516 Caparica
    UNINOVA (Institute for the Development of New Technologies) is a non-profit University-Enterprise association, which was formed in 1986, with main theme of pursuing scientific research, technical development, high level training and the creation of new technological innovation centres and small size industries. UNINOVA’s facilities are located at the campus of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology. In 1988, UNINOVA was recognised as a proper member of the IASP (International Association of Science Parks), due to the perfect symbiosis verified between this institution and the Faculty itself, which is in total agreement with the parameters accepted by the EC and the OECD. UNINOVA researchers have a long success experience in the industrial-university bridge in the improvement of continuous (process control) and discrete (manufacturing and assembly) production systems in both National and European initiatives. Its main fields of activity have been the information and communication technologies and materials technology, mainly for the industrial sector. Within UNINOVA, the i-control research group, which will be involved in LifeSaver, aims at the development of models and methodologies for complex dynamic systems, with special focus on the development of methodologies to support decision in complex environments. The i-control group develops its activity in the following main areas: development of algorithms and methods to provide support to decision; development of dynamic models for the study/transformation of industrial processes of medium/high complexity; development of methodologies for failure detection and fault tolerant control of dynamic systems; development of algorithms and methodologies for adaptive and nonlinear control.
    role in
    the project
    Project co-ordinator, RTD partner.
    key personnel Rui Neves-Silva
    +351 212947832
    Developed his PhD in Electrical and Computers Engineering in the Technical University of Lisbon (IST, 2000) in the area of modelling and control of industrial plants. He has been Senior Researcher at UNINOVA since January 2001 and Researcher at INESC-ID Lisboa since September 1991. Is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCT/UNL). Experience in 17 National and European projects (including global coordination) in the scientific area of control and decision engineering, has published more than 50 publications in International Scientific Journals (CEP, IEEE CST, IJPC) and peer reviewed International Conferences relevant to the control and decision engineering area.
    Maria Marques
    +351 212947832
    Developed her Master of Science in Electrical and Computers Engineering in the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in Portugal, in the area of simulation of distributed systems aiming traffic control (FCT/UNL, 2005). She has also completed her PhD at the same institution in the topic of decision support for life-cycle management (FCT/UNL, 2012). Since 2003, she has been working as a researcher at UNINOVA, participating in several international projects, both research and industrial oriented, with special focus on the areas of decision support, reasoning methods and control systems, especially in the scope of EU projects ACODUASIS, InLife, K-NET, EnPROVE and LifeSaver.