Institut für angewandte Systemtechnik Bremen GmbH,
    ATB Institute for Applied Systems Technology Bremen GmbH is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1991. Shareholders are the State of Bremen, Bremen University and a group of industrial companies (Daimler AG, KUKA Systems GmbH, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH, OAS AG and OHB Orbitale Hochtechnologie Bremen – System AG). ATB has a research team of around 20 scientists, supported by about 20 researchers working on a temporary or part-time basis. The main strategic business areas of ATB are Systems Analysis & Design, Knowledge Management and Software Systems Technology. The general concept of ATB comprises the establishment of a well-balanced application-oriented research, in close cooperation with industrial partners, to result in both solving of specific partners’ problems and contribution to the further development of system technology sciences.
    role in
    the project
    RTD partner. Responsible for the AmI data acquisition and context aware processing.
    key personnel Christian Wolff
    Studied Production Engineering at the University of Bremen. Since 2000 he works as a scientific staff member at ATB. He is involved in projects in the area of specification and implementation of user driven energy consumption monitoring and energy savings approaches for electric vehicles (ELVIRE) and in industry domain, as well as for middleware concepts/ cooperation platform solutions for automotive industry (MODELISAR, ACDC), process optimisation in industry and public domain organisations (CostWorth, Mit-KMU, Mobility@forest etc.), Requirements Engineering, KM and software development to support KM in industry (AIM). Within the scope of the work he has gained rich experience in the management of national and international (EU) projects and has the responsibility for several industry and EU projects.
    Gunnar Grosse Hovest
    Graduated from the University of Muenster with a degree in Information Systems. Scientific staff member at ATB since 2005. Involved in software development projects related to complex DBs and Knowledge Management, e.g. working in the DEMI project on knowledge management to support energy-efficient design of products/processes. Also active in research on new software engineering methods.