JSI – Jozef Stefan Institute,
    The Jozef Stefan Institute is the main national technological institute, complementing the role of universities and bridging the gap between science and applications. It was established as a public institution. It has a staff of approximately 880 people. The Energy Efficiency Centre, a part of Jozef Stefan Institute, has 15 employees.Jozef Stefan Institute – Energy Efficiency Centre (JSI/EEC) is engaged in research, development and consulting in the field of integrated resource planning, energy policy, energy efficiency and energy conservation programmes, management and analysis of energy data, renewable energies, GHG (mitigation, trading and verification), energy management and environmental protection issues. The activities are commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, public utilities, industry, commercial and public sector, including local communities and hospitals. The JSI/EEC is intensively engaged in EU programmes and bilateral international projects and performs energy audits, feasibility studies, investment and pre-investment studies and introduction of energy management in industry as well as organisations in the commercial and public sector. JSI/EEC also organises workshops, seminars and conferences in the field of energy efficiency and energy management and also trainings for European energy managers (EUREM) in Slovenia.
    role in
    the project
    RTD partner. Responsible for emissions calculation and trading.
    key personnel Stane Merse
    M. Sc. in electrical engineering (University of Ljubljana), is an expert in energy planning (integrated resource planning), green house gases mitigation and trading (verifier for emission trading scheme), energy efficiency measures evaluation and consultancy in industry and other sectors (cogeneration, process optimisation, energy management), use of renewables. He was member of expert teams for preparation of several strategic national programmes in the field of energy efficiency and renewables, energy planning and emission mitigation strategies. Since 2009 he is head of the Energy Efficiency Centre.
      Boris Sucic
    M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, is an expert in energy management in industry and public sector, energy efficiency in buildings, demand side management, long term energy and emission reduction planning. He was actively involved in various projects for public and private sector in the field of the power system optimisation, distributed electricity generation and environmental protection. Also, he participated in preparation of governmental programmes in the field of energy efficiency (National Energy Efficiency Action Plan), renewable energy sources (National Renewable Energy Sources Action Plan), energy planning (National Energy Programme) and managed several activities for industry and public sector (energy audits, energy measurements, consulting, training etc.). Since September 2009 he is Senior Associate, Project Manager at JSI/EEC.
      Matevz Pusnik
    M. Sc. in Electrical Engineering (University of Ljubljana), is a researcher at Jozef Stefan Institute – Centre for Energy Efficiency. His research interest is particularly related to the energy consumption and supply modelling  integrated resource planning, energy indicators and climate and energy policy decision support methods. He actively participated in research projects related with the evaluation of GHG effects, emissions reduction measures, implementation of energy policies and preparation of long term energy projections. Also he was a member of expert teams for preparation of several strategic national programmes in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Since 2009 he is a Project Manager at Jozef Stefan Institute – Centre for Energy Efficiency.