SOLVERA – Solvera Lynx,
    Solvera Lynx d.d., founded in 2002 is provider of solutions in the field of information technologies in industry and energy field. As technology provider Sovlera Lynx has established own R&D group, registered at national research agency of Slovenia (ARRS) – Solvera Labs, allowing company to manage reaearch within the company on professional level. The team currently includes a staff of 25 persons, 14 of which are working in the engineering or development sector and are engaged in consulting and development project activities. To realise projects of greater size and complexity SOLVERA cooperates with several companies from Slovenia and abroad.SOLVERA is focused on small and medium enterprises and on service sector and is a provider/publisher of the main Slovenian business energy portal ENERGETIKA.NET, which is the central web junction for information on energy management. Users of the portal have daily access to advanced web services for energy and to information on the energy market, efficient energy consumption and renewable energy resources. In addition, SOLVERA has the SW products GEMA (information system for energy and process management) and COMBOX & GSMBOX (tools for remote data control and collection), also tightly related to energy topics.
    role in
    the project
    Technology provider. Exploitation manager. Support research and development with expertise from commercial IT applications.
    key personnel Tomaz Fatur
    M. Sc. in electrical engineering (University of Ljubljana), is an expert in energy management in industry and buildings, electric motors and drives, integrated resource planning, long term energy and emission reduction planning and use of renewables. He participated as an expert in preparation of governmental programmes in the field of energy efficiency, renewables, energy planning and emission reduction strategies. He also managed several activities for industry, such as energy audits, workshops, education of energy managers etc. and several international projects on European level on energy efficiency, education and promoting of new and innovative energy technologies. Author of several articles on mentioned topics at different conferences. Since September 2008 he is director for strategy and research in Solvera Lynx, specialized for information and communication technologies for energy management in energy supply, industry, buildings and transport sector. Mr Fatur acts as leader of Solvera Labs research group within the company.
      Marko Sepic
    Graduated in electrical engineering (University of Ljubljana). He has rich experience in information technologies, IT integration, design, development and maintenance of application systems, especially data management, as well as designing and developing enterprise scale information systems. His expertise includes IT technology, databases, networks, energy management and finances.