OAS A.G.,
    OAS is a company developing turn-key solution for food and chemical industry with emphasis on highly automated process technology in a combination with weighting, measuring and control technology as well as computer applications and software development. Besides food and chemical industry (cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, rubber), OAS systems are applied in different branches such as building material (e.g. concrete industry, chemical building products etc.), environmental technology, etc. Therefore, OAS’ main products include:

    • Turn-key solutions for food, concrete, chemical and other process industries
    • Process control systems and process visualisation systems
    • Continuous and discontinuous dosing and weighing technology
    • Weighing data processing systems

    OAS has 150 employees in 7 plants distributed over Germany. The OAS specialists have long proven experience in weighting technology usage, with the aid of electronics, to boost production and to assure quality, in combining materials handling and weighting, in integrating weighting, dosing, mixing, and control to form a unified system.
    OAS systems control processes, staggered-timing work sequences, volumes, temperatures, rotation speeds and other parameters. Task-specific weighting electronics from OAS in conjunction with SPC and computer technology guarantee maximum reliability and safety for all weighting, dosing, control and visualisation tasks in different production areas. The OAS philosophy – individual task distribution within a modular overall concept – guarantees highly-efficient implementation, even in extremely complex plant topologies. One of the company’s main products is proNTo a system for monitoring and control of processes successfully applied in a number of process industries.
    OAS as a highly modern company and with very strong position on the national and international market is more and more oriented towards product customisation.

    role in
    the project
    Technology provider. Contribution to requirements analysis, specification and platform development. Support to demonstration of business case 1 (with JWO).
    key personnel Karl Krone
    Has been active in software development for the last 14 years. He has been involved in the development of a CAD system offering solutions to diversified branches. Since 1990 he has been employed as a software developer at OAS and in 1994 he took over the management of the computer technology department. He is responsible for the development of several systems for the reception and process control of highly complex facilities and head of development teams for project tasks in the area of weighing and process technology. His responsibility also includes after sales services for software parts of the OAS products.