Salonit Anhovo,
    Salonit Anhovo was formed in the group Salonit, which is in Slovenian center of knowledge and experience in manufacturing, development, applications, and supplying customers with high quality, environmentally and health friendly building materials based on mineral resources. SALONIT is guided by knowledge, economic stability and financial performance and social and corporate responsibility. Good organizational climate and employee health and well and working environment, organizational culture and the high reputation and satisfaction of all stakeholders occupy first place among the list of company values.
    SALONIT’s main objectives are:

    • remain the leading manufacturer and further strengthen its leading position in the market for cement
    • achieved a leading position in production and marketing of lime
    • increase production capacity and achieve a significant position in production and distribution of aggregates and ready movement of concrete
    • enhance environmental, energy and economic efficiency – reduce the use of non-renewable energy sources in all parts of the group
    • achieve a constant economic growth;

    The policy objectives of environmental management:

    • continuous improvement and reduce negative impacts on the environment,
    • the principles of environmental protection in existing and new technologies and products,
    • reduce energy consumption renovated and sustainable development.

    The most significant impacts of cement and other hydraulic binders for the environment are: CO2, dust and other emissions, noise, land development (quarries) and industrial use of (cooling) water.
    All impacts on the environment are controlled by appropriate measurements, in the process. The measured emission levels comply with regulatory requirements. SALONIT is introducing a number of programs and measures to reduce environmental impacts while increasing energy efficiency.
    In an effort to meet modern standards in environmental management and to the introduction of continuous improvement in this area we have already set up in 2000 as a priority objective of the introduction of environmental management system standard ISO 14001 . This year, we conducted an initial environmental review, which was the basis for defining environmental policy. The latter was accepted and published in the paper’s policy of quality and environmental management for the first time in 2001, and in 2003 in an updated form.
    With the successful completion of certification audit was for the manufacture of cement obtained a certificate for a quality system that complies with ISO 9001:2000. Certificate for environmental management system standard ISO 14001, we obtained the first time for the production of cement and production assets for pig iron desulphurisation.

    role in
    the project
    Industrial End-User. Contribution to requirements analysis and specification of company-specific business case (BC2). Testing and assessment of LifeSaver results. Demonstration of respective business case 2.
    key personnel Tomaz Vuk
    Ph. D., head of R&D in SALONIT, have been involved in several research projects for more than 15 years. His basic field of research is cement and concrete. In the last few years he is engaged in projects related to alternative fuels in cement industry, energy efficiency of industrial processes, monitoring of CO2 emissions and environmental issues. He also has extended experience in transfer of new knowledge from research to real scale application. As a researcher is in close cooperation with several research institutions as University of Ljubljana and National institute of chemistry. He is also active in international organisations like Cembureau.
    Magda Gabrijelcic
    Finished physics at Ljubljana University. For last 20 years she is a member of SALONIT research group. Her basic occupation is energy management and CO2 issues. She also has extended experience in industrial processes modelling and optimisation. She is active in the process of implementation of ETS trading system. She is also responsible in for the monitoring of CO2 emissions in SALONIT.