Agência Municipal de Energia do Seixal,
    AMESeixal – Municipal Energy Agency of Seixal – is a non-profit Association, founded in 2000, by the City Council of Seixal and 11 associates from different sectors of activity. AMESeixal main objectives are to reduce energy consumption in all sectors of activity, promote a wider use of renewable energy sources and create conditions for a sustainable development at local level. The core activities of AMESeixal are related to energy efficiency (energy tariff optimization for several City Councils; energy audits; campaign for the reduction of electricity consumption in Seixal City Council offices and Primary Schools; strategy for the reduction of electricity consumption in the Public Lighting sector; “Green Seal” award for energy efficient buildings; project “Ecofamilias – energy auditing in households”; support to the City Council services to reach the commitments of the Covenant of Mayors; energy audit of transport fleets), Renewable Energy Sources (promotion of use of biodiesel produced from used cooking oil; organisation of annual Exhibitions on renewable energy technologies; installation of renewable energy technologies in Municipal swimming pools), sustainable mobility (Project “Car Pooling”; project “Ride a bicycle for your health in Amora”; mobility plan for the workers of the Municipality of Seixal; participation in the BICLAS – free-use bicycles – project; organisation of the European Mobility Week in Seixal; Electrical Mobility in Seixal), dissemination (interviews on energy for a nation-wide radio broadcasting station; publication of articles on energy in newspapers; website www.cm-seixal.pt/ameseixal; training sessions on energy in local primary and secondary schools) and industry (optimization of electricity tariffs for TST, SIMARSUL, Confeitaria Monte Sião, AMARSUL and FLORINEVE; consultancy on renewable energy sources for MICROLIME, AMARSUL and SIMARSUL and energy efficiency for SIMARSUL and FERTAGUS; promotion of European Commission and national programmes funding opportunities and follow-up of innovative projects from Siderurgia Nacional and AMARSUL).
    role in
    the project
    Municipal Agency. Contribution to requirements analysis and specification of company-specific business case (BC3). Testing and assessment of LifeSaver results. Demonstration of respective business case 3.
    key personnel Philippe Bollinger
    Director of AMESeixal since 2000. Senior expert, with more than 22 years of experience in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources related activities. Collaboration in 37 projects funded by the European Commission. Graduated from the University of Paris X Nanterre – France (M.Sc Economics in Energy Economics and Policy, B.Sc Economics in Business Management). In previous years, founding member and executive manager of a private consultancy company – TEE Consult Lda – , “THERMIE OPET contact” and project manager at CEEETA.